Javier Cobián

Name: Javier Cobián González del Valle

Nationality: Spanish

Born: May 14, 1998

Place:  La Coruña (Spain)



Twitter: @JCobian4

Instagram: @Jci98

Career Highlights: 

2nd place in Academy Trophy CIK FIA 2012

Winner of "Beca Santander Young Drivers"

2016 Championnat de France F4 2nd - 2 wins, 7 podiums

Hobbies: Football, cycling

Team: Teo Martín Motorsport

Chassis: Dallara F312

Describe yourself as a racing driver

I am a fast driver, I think i'm a worker. I learn with my engineer and my team mates. I work a lot with the team, I always want to improve and love fight with the other drivers in the track.

I love this sport since I was very young and its my live, my passion, all I do is because I have a objective and I want to do this all my live.

What do you expect from the 2017 season in the Euroformula Open?

This year I really want to learn a lot and be faster every test and every race, as all the drivers I want win, but I don’t put pressure to myself, let´s see what happens this season

Define your goals in motorsport

I think I have the same goal as other, I want to became in a F1 world champion, but its very very difficult, I do what I want, and I hope to became in a professional driver, if my way is the F1 I will be very happy, if the live give me another way as a professional driver I will be happy too.