Eliseo Martínez

Name: Eliseo Martínez

Nationality: Spanish

Born: January 19, 2001

Place: La Eliana, Valencia (Spain)




Instagram: @eliseomartinez42

Start of career: 2008

Career Highlights: 

Champion Eurotrophy 2011

Second WSK Final Cup 2012

Second WSK Euro Series 2012

Third WSK Master Series 2012

Champion WSK Master Series 2013

Champion WSK Euros Series 2013

Champion Spanish Championship 2010-2011-2014-2015

Second Spanish Championship 2016

Champion Champion’s Cup 2009-2010-2011-2012-2014

Hobbies: Cycling, Table Tennis, Football, Listen to music, F1 season follower

Team: Teo Martín Motorsport

Chassis: Dallara F312


Describe yourself as a racing driver

I see me as a very constant and fast driver

What do you expect from the 2017 season in the Euroformula Open?

I expect to finish in the top-5 in the Euroformula Open

Define your goals in motorsport

I would like to spend my life as a professional driver in Formula 1 or in any other category