Interview with Miguel Ángel de Castro, Team Principal of Drivex


Miguel Ángel de Castro (Ávila, Spain. 5 April, 1970) is a motorsport enthusiast. In fact, de Castro has been involved in motorsport for almost 30 years firstly as a racing driver and later as Team Principal of Drivex. The Spanish-based team finished vice-champion on its comeback to the Euroformula Open. De Castro talks the past, the present and the future in the Formula 3-based series.

You finished runner-up in the standings with Ferdinand Habsburg last year, besides the Austrian driver also took Rookies´ class title. How was your comeback after an absence of several years?

“To be honest, from the end of 2015 and the full 2016 campaign was extremely enjoyable and interesting for us.  It was amazing working with Ferdinand and his coach, who has been a friend of mine for a long time, Jamie Campbell-Walter. We learnt a lot. We also experienced difficult times at once but everybody always worked as a team and managed to meet our goals”

Drivex made its comeback to the series in 2016, why? What does it mean for you?

“Motorsport is part of our DNA and our goal is always to be the best. The three partners have the same objective, what is to have the best time possible. But it only happens when we know everyone gave his best, exceeding our own expectations while building of a positive working environment. The Euroformula Open is an extremely competitive racing series for us and Drivex is committed to GT Sport-organized series. We work hard every day to make this effort worthwhile”

Tell us your thoughts about your season so far.

“It’s good but there is nothing that could not be further improved upon. Of course, Harrison is a great driver but Nikita managed to equal his performance at the Hungaroring. I think Nikita deserved both wins. Christian is also making steady progress and I’m sure he will be able to improve further in the second part of the season. He is a naturally gifted drive but we need to keep working with him to convert his talent into wins. I know it’s going to happen because everyone at Drivex, including Christian, is working as a team”

Is your second season in the Euroformula Open something different in comparison with 2016?

“Yes, it’s different at many aspects. Of course Drivex is still improving as a team. Our crew is continuously working hard on a daily basis. Our work climate is also very good and it pays off. We made huge progress from a technical point of view. We have an experienced staff following the guidelines set by Pedro de la Rosa in 2015. I think our way of working in Formula 3 is different from others. Pedro himself, who joined our private tests last May, underlined how different Drivex is now. Last but not least, his presence really adds value to our team”

“On the other hand, I would like to mention the role of Adrián, our Chief Engineer and who joined us in 2012, when he was a 1st year Engineering student, and now he is responsible for the technical area. Our common target was to fulfill his engineering dreams as a regarded professional. He got involved in all our motorsport activities. Despite his youth, I’m proud of his professional development. His work is really valuable for Drivex. We have a strong human team and now we are focused on R&D, investing time and money in strengthening that area”

“Our experience was pretty intense last year. But we learnt a lot and our results are proving that”.

How are you preparing the second part of the season?

“We are working restlessly at our facility and also carrying out private test with our cars because we want to improve as much as possible. We want to win but always working in a friendly atmosphere because results have to come in a natural manner. No one is indispensable but we all are important”

What are your goals for the remaining races?

“My mottos are Win, win and win again and Match to match just like Luis Aragonés and Cholo Simeone said. I’m a fan of the Atlético de Madrid and they are inspiring in their determination”