Interview with Canadian Devlin DeFrancesco (Carlin)


Canada’s DeFrancesco speaks his mind about what he did in the first four events of the season

Devlin DeFrancesco, aged 17, is consistently quick in his first year in the Euroformula Open. His learning first season saw him stepping second onto the podium at Spa-Francorchamps. Prior to heading into the summer break, DeFrancesco explains the past, present and future of his career.

How do you look back on your first steps in motorsport? Do you have previous racing roots in your family?

My first steps in racing started when I was 6 years old in Toronto. I got a go kart for Christmas and I instantly fell in love with the sport straight away and it took over my life. My dad has always been a racing fan but I don’t have any racing roots in my family.

2017 is your maiden season in a Formula 3-based racing series. Talk us through your first impressions of the season?

I’ve really enjoyed 2017 so far, we’ve had some very high moments and some real tough ones as well but it’s all part of the learning experience. It’s definitely been a big step up in every way and I think I have an amazing team of people behind me in my management and in Carlin. I think the best is yet to come from us so I’m very excited to get going in Silverstone and see how we go.

You stepped onto the second step of the rostrum at Spa. Was it your best race memory so far?

The best memory so far has definitely been Spa to be on the podium in both races was an amazing feeling in only my 2nd Formula 3 race. It was a really good achievement and has definitely propelled me and has shown me what we are capable of when we put everything together.

Now we are heading into the summer break. How was it for a driver? How do you prepare for the second part of the year?

The summer break is a mixed time of the year for a racing driver. I think it’s nice to be able to switch off for a week or so and spend some time with family and friends but your mind will always be on “when are we next getting in the car”. Preparing for the 2nd half of the season will involve some rest to recharge the batteries lots and lots of training so I’m as fit as possible to get back in the car to attack for the remaining races of the season.

Perhaps your weekend at the Hungaroring was slightly frustrating. What are your goals for the remaining races?

Hungary was very frustrating because it was such a missed opportunity to be back on the podium on Sunday. We were much closer to Scott speed wise there and I definitely learned a hard lesson I will always remember for the rest of my racing career. I’m very optimistic for the rest of the season because I think we are constantly improving, the goals for the rest of the season are to be on the podium as much as possible.

What is your ultimate goal in motorsport?

My ultimate goal in motorsport is to be a successful paid racing driver and be a champion in whatever I end up racing in the future. Weather that is F1, IndyCar or sports cars at the minute it’s to early to say but my goal is to be a champion.